Committed, sustainable knowledge transfer, adapted to your IT topics and issues

Keep moving forward – this creed has driven MENTZ for almost 50 years. In addition to ongoing development of software and services for the transport sector, we also continually develop our knowledge and skills to meet your demands. This know-how is passed on to you in the form of professional and dependable consulting services.

IT Consulting & Know-how

  • Comprehensive consulting before, during & after project realization
  • Consulting during the implementation process
  • Support during the tendering process
  • Talks and material for conferences & meetings
  • The latest technical knowledge through collaboration in federal- & standardization committees

Technical Training

Our software solutions are designed to make your everyday work easier. This is our support pledge to you / our customers. To ensure you can always use the full potential of our software, we offer regular technical training for our products. It is the best way to keep you and your employees up-to-date with the latest developments and to provide more efficiency and structure to your work with EFA, DIVA, GIS-Import, and our other products.

Training by Arrangement

Nobody learns how to sprint in a day. That is why we take the first steps alongside you and help you and your employees / our customers learn how to get the best out of our software applications. Both for basic orientation or for expert use: we work with you to develop the precise contents and individual learning sessions for your team. Please contact us to schedule technical training, even at your company. Our experts are ready to get you up and running in no time!

Customer Support

As a transport authority, you respond to a range of complex demands every day. MENTZ customer support is there to assist you. We have the tools and know-how to keep your mobility system up and running properly.

Advice and Actions for your IT

  • Fast help with technical issues
  • 24/7 support using the MENTZ hotline
  • MENTZ can take on operative tasks

Customer Support

Telephone: + 049 89 41868-0


Looking for a comprehensive planning solution, but at a lower cost than having your own planning system? As a small or medium-sized transport company, there is an alternative: MENTZ Software as a Service (SaaS), which allows you to use our DIVA software conveniently and cost-effectively from the cloud.

One Decision, Many Benefits

Your Solution from the Cloud

  • Investment that is in line with demand
    The SaaS model does not require the purchase of software licenses. To start planning using the software, you will only be charged for services like trainings and data transfers and a monthly fee for each user. This option means that you always have the latest, high-performance software and can sclae or invest according to your needs.
  • Streamline IT processes
    Backups, updates, security patches, and the like are no longer an issue with MENTZ SaaS. Our services help streamline your IT processes.
  • Prompt, speedy implementation
    Software as a Service (SaaS) allows you to access DIVA by MENTZ at any time. When you order, we import any available legacy data and user training can begin. Thus, the tedious procurement of hardware and time-consuming installation of software can be avoided.
  • More time and resources for your core business
    MENTZ SaaS leaves the administration of software and associated infrastructure to MENTZ. This frees up time and resources to dedicate to your core business: transport operations and passengers.

We consult without any obligation!