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Whoever offers contemporary mobility solutions must – literally – not miss the boat. Here are our current news, dates and much more.

MENTZ EMS – Improved Passenger Information for the Westphalia-Lippe Transport Association (NWL)

Cooperation partners “Westphalia-Lippe Transport Association (NWL)” and “Westphalia Transport Authority (WVG)” recently started using the MENTZ Event Management System (EMS) along with other transport companies and authorities in the region. The system reliably informs passengers about delays, construction sites, and cancellations when they happen. Most importantly, the NWL’s EFA journey planning system is supplied with […]

MENTZ EMS and DDIP for Victoria

MENTZ GmbH is developing new systems to enrich public transport information for one of Australia’s fastest growing states.
EMS and DDIP will give Victorians higher quality travel information by improving the type of public transport data that is collected and how it’s presented to customers.

On-Demand Mobility Data Format GTFS-Flex Now Available for MENTZ Customers

To provide reliable and intuitive travel information, cities, mobility providers, or public institutions need common standards and tools. “GTFS-Flex” extends the traditional GTFS standard and has been officially part of the GTFS specification since March 18th. This allows for various forms of on-demand services to be reliably and high-quality displayed in digital travel information, websites, […]

MENTZ Apps Put to the Test

CONNECT magazine recently tested eight mobility apps and our customer MVV (Munich Transport and Tariff Association) came out on top. We extend our congratulations to the whole team! 

MENTZ integrates on-demand service FLEX in the district of Munich

If you travel by public transport in the countryside, you have to have a lot of patience: Poor connections, infrequent departures, complicated routes. The district of Munich, together with the Munich Transport Association (MVV), is now once again improving public transport services with on-demand services.

Gullivr & Ticketing at VRN

After successful beta testing, the new official app myVRN of our customer Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Neckar (VRN) is now available in the app stores

MENTZ Girl’s Day

Magdalena, Maryam, Promedie, Anabela and Rana meet for the first time today in front of the office building at Grillparzerstraße 18. They are the participants in the first MENTZ Girls Day and all a little excited about what is in store for them today.