Multi-talented app for more sustainable mobility: Gullivr

Gullivr is our innovative, all-in-one mobility app. Developed in creative collaboration with a renowned design agency, UX experts, and our customers, Gullivr is a true MaaS app. Smooth performance, intuitive user guidance, sleek design – these are the things that make Gullivr the right choice in MaaS apps.

Gullivr is a licensed product that can easily be adapted to fit your corporate identity. The guiding principle behind Gullivr development has been flexible mobility without the noise. We are able to showcase your brand while allowing for a customized user experience.

Using a precisely defined checklist, we can quickly assemble and deliver a custom version of Gullivr that is tailored to meet your needs. How can we be so sure? After undergoing a period of intensive and extensive public beta testing, Gullivr is already in active use by many of our customers.

A Quick Overview of Gullivr’s Talents

  • Classic trip planning: trips, departures, notifications – in real-time
  • Plan routes, tickets, and book and purchase vehicle sharing options – all in one app
  • Multimodal – map with nearby sharing options
  • MENTZ integrated ticket shop for public transport
  • On-demand systems
  • Pre-registration for secure connections between various modes of transport
  • Single sign on (SSO)
  • Push notifications for routes and stops
  • Light/Dark mode
  • Screen reader: VoiceOver (iOS), TalkBack (Android)
  • A focus on the essential, sleek design with perfect visualization

Individual Configuration Options

  • Dark/light mode independent of operating system
  • App language settings independent of operating system language
  • Real-time in trips and departures (3 different variants)
  • Route display (select between compact and graphical views)
  • Adjustable tab bar (lower navigation bar in the app) by drag & drop
  • Personal pin board with current ticket purchases

Why use Gullivr by MENTZ?

  • Fully customizable:
    functions, colors, icons and texts
  • Quick first test version based on a precisely defined checklist
  • Future-proof: usability development with you. Gullivr workshops make ideas a reality!

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