Our electronic journey planner (EFA) provides all the options of modern mobility: Passengers can use public transport, car-sharing, bike-sharing and other options with real-time information. With a phone it’s easy: plan, book, pay.

Multimodal Journey Planning: Your Path to Flexible Mobility

Private transport (cars), public transport, car and bike-sharing, on-demand transport … there are many ways to get from point A to point B. MENTZ’s multimodal journey planner helps your customers get around with just a few taps.

  • Passenger information for public transport and private transport, including bicycle and footpath routing
  • Shows available car-sharing and bike-sharing options
  • Takes real-time information into account for traffic flows and public transport
  • Optimizes the route across all modes of transport
  • Displays the fastest, cheapest, or most convenient route

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Customer projects

Freiburg multimodal information (PDF, 411 KB)
Multimodal mobility information for Mannheim (PDF, 214 KB)
Go by bike – the MENTZ bike route planner (PDF, 827 KB)

Mobility On Demand: Efficient On-Demand Transport in an App

On-demand transport flexibly complements public transport offerings in low-traffic times and areas. MENTZ’s integrated solution makes this system particularly efficient – for both passengers and transport companies.

Practical to Use

  • For passengers: public transport and on-demand transport, journey planning, booking, and payment in one app
  • For transport companies: collections, customization, and deployment in one system
  • For on-demand shuttles and demand-driven route services
  • Flexible departure times, flexible routes

Technical Highlights

  • Separate map-based driver app with information on pending trips
  • Multi-client-capable: each company sees only its own on-demand trips
  • Intelligent combination of requested trips (pooling)
  • Live tracking of vehicles
  • Automatic accounting based on collected data

Real-time Data: Reliable Information from DDIP

Nobody wants to be late or have to wait for long in any mode of transport, public or private. Real-time data makes everyday uncertainties more manageable. The Dynamic Data Integration Platform (DDIP) by MENTZ collects and distributes transport and traffic data so that it can be used as quickly as possible in passenger notifications (like in the EFA journey planner).

Practical to Use

  • Real-time data for public and private transport
  • Includes real-time information on infrastructure projects
  • Can be used as a service for persons with impaired mobility (information about elevators, escalators, etc.)

Technical Highlights

  • Multi-client-capable web interface
  • Complies with VDV 453/454, SIRI, and GTFS-RT
  • Use as a proxy or a multiplexer
  • Completely HA-capable

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Customer projects:

Realtime in vehicles for the BVB (PDF, 494 KB
Realtime for Traveline South West (PDF, 234 KB)
AVM Light System in Filsland (PDF, 1,3 MB)
Realtime in Down Under (PDF, 277 KB)

Timetable-like Reliability: Disruption Information

Construction work, events, vehicle failures, and countless other incidents – as a transport company or authority, your passengers need to be informed of both planned and unplanned timetable changes. MENTZ’s Event Management System (EMS) lends reliable support when managing disruption information.

Practical to Use

  • Specially designed disruption and event management for public transport.
  • Up-to-date, consistent communication on all channels

Technical Highlights

  • Multi-client-capable web interface
  • Scenario templates support data entry
  • Central control of all output channels – from the announcement text to train destination display

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Customer project:
Push Notification for Commuters (PDF, 1,9 MB)

Real-time Everywhere: the Smart Travel Companion

With its multiple and complex options, public transport can be like a labyrinth. The MENTZ travel companion guides passengers from their own doorstep through the jungle of stops and interchanges to their destination. Real-time information plays an important role in this process.

Practical to Use

  • Route calculation tailored to a user’s travel strategy
  • Precise navigation even within complex stop/interchange structures
  • Displays interchange paths as turning directions or on maps
  • Refers to relevant signs during such situations as interchanges

Technical Highlights

  • GPS, Wi-Fi and cell location, proprietary beacon positioning
  • Location using altitude detection
  • Integrated real-time information
  • Automated timetable service and digital assistant

Practical to Use

  • Intelligently integrated into one app: public transport services including on-demand transport, car, bike, and eScooter-sharing, parking and charging infrastructures
  • Ability to check the availability of shared-mobility and directly book services – one-stop shopping
  • Secure billing procedure, simple registration
  • Ability to book vehicles directly on-site using QR code
  • Ability to pause rental for a break and continune route at a later time
  • Booking made easy with an interactive map
  • Ability to filter by service provider

Technical Highlights

  • Integrates background systems of car- & bike-sharing offers
  • Supports proprietary information & booking interfaces
  • Connectivity using OAuth technology
  • Easy registration and billing procedure
  • Interacts with the rental cars
  • Combinability with MENTZ EFA trip planning modules or connection via App2App
  • Integration of various demand-responsive transport models, as well as on-demand services like bike-sharing, car-sharing, e-scooters, e-charging infrastructure and parking

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