GENIOS – Flexible Optimization by MENTZ

The perfect balance between use of resources and personnel, with full flexibility: GENIOS by MENTZ makes your operations fit for the transport of tomorrow. We learned from nature: our optimization software works in parallel and uses a genetic algorithm. This is the latest in transport planning for:

  • Vehicle blocks
  • E-Bus fleets
  • Duties
  • Integrated planning
  • Personnel deployment

Application Highlights

  • In-house development by MENTZ
  • Dashboard with key figures
  • Robust flexibility through user-defined evaluations
  • Visual feedback on the progression of optimization
  • Comparison of variants and flexible analyses
  • Parallel optimization through isolated data inventories

Technical Highlights

  • Platform-independent & cloud-ready (AWS)
  • Desktop or server application
  • Genetic algorithm with multi-agent-system
  • Integrates the latest research findings
  • Targeted control of runtime parameters

Vehicle Schedule Optimization – also for

Application Highlights

  • Customizable to fit individual operation-specific requirements and requests
  • Dynamic checks of vehicle deployment
  • Empty run routing
  • Automated depot assignment
  • Vehicle type replacement – with switch from combustion to electric
  • Trip shifting to conserve vehicles
  • Visualization of depot capacity

E-Bus Highlights

  • Depot charging
  • Opportunity charging
  • Single / multistage charging
  • Hybrid operation with combustion incl. automated E-Bus assignment
  • Visualization of charging status and charging process

Duty Schedule Optimization – also integrated with blocks

Attract and retain quality employees – with MENTZ’s duty schedule optimization, you get high-quality and appealing results. GENIOS generates robust schedules that comply with both legal and operational requirements. Give your planners more resources to focus on employee satisfaction!

Application Highlights

  • Customizable to fit individual operation-specific requirements and requests
  • Dynamic validation of duties
  • Supports creation of socially responsible duty schedules
  • Assignment of shifts to duty schedules
  • Assignment of duty groups
  • Powerful interface for duty analysis
  • Support of driver trip times with E-cars
  • Accounts for areas and sectors
  • Accounts for duty parts
  • Social distancing in break facilities

Duties and blocks affect each another – in addition to the staged planning of blocks and duties, GENIOS provides integrated optimization. Coordinated schedules result from simultaneous consideration of blocks and duties.

Highlights of Integrated Optimization

  • Integrated approach to creating shifts and blocks
  • Combines many options from the duty and vehicle schedule optimization
  • Simplified planning for regional operators

GENIOS for Personnel Deployment

Take employee preferences into account, engage subcontractors, apply changes on short notice – with GENIOS from MENTZ, you can coordinate deployments and retain planning flexibility. In a dynamic environment with complex influences, our optimization software has your back.

Application Highlights

  • Customizable to operation-specific specifications and preferences
  • Many provisions for duty sequences
  • Avoids undesired duty patterns
  • Fair assignment of more difficult duties
  • Account for preferences (on short notice)
  • Quick fixes for unplanned absences
  • Account for qualifications for routes and vehicles
  • Stipulate a custom monthly target
  • Distribution to subcontractors

OaaS – Optimization as a Service

Are you interested in benefitting from our optimization software GENIOS? Then reach out to us. We provide optimization as a service, adapted to your specific requirements! MENTZ is fully prepared to support you in project-based or agile work. We speak with you directly, independent of your planning system.


  • Switch from roster to personal duty schedule
  • Studies regarding the feasibility of alternative drives
  • Support for
    • Network changes
    • Calculation of offering
    • Special challenges (Corona)
    • Robust schedules

Our Mode of Operation

  • Current status analyses
  • Preparation of your data
  • Identification of requirements and key figures
  • Indication of potential
  • Comparative calculations

We consult without any obligation!