Efficient planning at the highest level: DIVA is our power solution for your tender and operative planning. Using the DIVA system and GENIOS optimization, planning processes are firmly in control. DIVA allows for flexible creation of different scenarios for vehicle scheduling, timetable planning, duty scheduling, and vehicle management. Our GENIOS optimization solution ensures optimal use of resources in the most cost-effective way.

Integrated Timetable Planning & Vehicle Scheduling with DIVA Client

Planning exact sequences of trips, blocks, drivers and duties is a key aspect of your operations. DIVA Client helps you find the optimal solution by enabling integrated planning: trip planning, duty scheduling, and vehicle scheduling are performed in one step. A dynamically changing schedule makes for the best possible planning results.

Practical to Use

  • Fit for transport authorities, big and small, urban & regional transport companies
  • Multi-client capable & browser-based – for data managers & occasional users
  • Custom, user-friendly planning views
  • Convenient & efficient editing of trips, duties, and blocks
  • Statistical analyses of planned transport services
  • Fulfills tendering requirements of transport authorities

Technical Highlights

  • Integrated timetable planning, duty- & vehicle scheduling into your best practice workflow
  • Controllable automation
  • Tender-, project- & precise daily planning with the DIVA operating days model
  • Printouts & Excel templates that match your transport authority

Duty Scheduling

Duty scheduling is one of the most complex operational planning tasks. Each duty must fulfill qualitative requirements while remaining economical. DIVA Duty provides you with the controls: as the integral component and “data engine” of DIVA Client, it helps determine optimal operational.

Practical to Use

  • Integrated block planning and duty scheduling for efficient, needs-oriented duty schedules
  • Custom scheduling views
  • Observes legal requirements and collective bargaining agreements
  • For 100% compliance
  • Target-group-specific/operation-specific preparation of printed duty schedules
  • Parameter-based duty schedule statistics

Technical Highlights

  • Best-practice workflows, completely integrated into the DIVA Client framework
  • High-performance duty validation module
  • Excel connection allows convenient further processing of exported data

Personnel and Vehicle Deployment with DIVA Dispo

The best public transport understands its most important assets: drivers and vehicles. DIVA Dispo gives you control of personnel and vehicle deployment and all related data: fleet management, personnel deployment, data transfer to the control system, and payroll accounting.

Practical to Use

  • Individually customizable
  • Multiple options to create duty rosters and shift rotations
  • Automated deployment takes employee desires into account
  • Flexible creation of documents for driver and vehicle
  • Includes vacation planning
  • Ongoing checks to adhere with all legal and operational regulations

Technical Highlights

  • Comprehensive parameter and configuration options
  • Duty options for daily operation
  • The latest data and ongoing compliance checks
  • Controlled revision security
  • Customizable printed versions and excel templates

FreeRide: Organize School Transport
from A to Z

Getting children from their homes to school and back again is one of the most important and highly complex tasks of public transport. MENTZ provides an elegant solution: FreeRide supports the organization and management of school transport at each step from authorization check to billing.

Practical to Use

  • Multi-client-capable: software that can support transport authorities, school authorities, and transportation companies
  • Web-based: location-independent deployment and use
  • Connection to EFA journey planner
  • Optimally networked via import and export interfaces

Technical Highlights

  • Automated processes where required
  • Manually operable where necessary
  • Provides up-to-date addresses, stops, and public transport connections using the EFA journey planner
  • Integrated platform for negotiating revenues

E-Mobility: DIVA Vehicle Scheduling for Electric Buses

E-Mobility is the future, especially in public transport. This also means: new complex requirements for vehicle scheduling, for example regarding vehicle range, charging infrastructure and charging time of electric buses. With DIVA by MENTZ you’ll be able to create reliable schedules right now.

Practical to Use

  • Validation & optimization of E-bus blocks
  • Optimization and display of costs in DIVA
  • Account of context-specific optimization conditions

Technical Highlights

  • Vehicle block optimization based on the GENIOS Framework
  • Support of different charging strategies (opportunity charging, overnight charging)
  • Customizable linear & graduated loading curves

GENIOS – Flexible Optimization

The perfect balance between use of ressources and personnel, with full flexibility: GENIOS by MENTZ makes your operations fit for the transport of tomorrow. We learned from nature: our optimization software works in parallel and uses a genetic algorithm. This is the latest in transport planning for:

  • Vehicle blocks
  • E-Bus fleets
  • Duties
  • Integrated planning
  • Personnel deployment

DIVA Web: Data Integration for Public Transport

Public transport depends on the cooperation of multiple providers. As an example, there are almost 4,000 bus companies in Germany. To provide passengers with comprehensive transport information, data from every company and authority must be integrated and prepared for presentation. This mammoth task can be solved using the Dynamic Data Integration Platform in DIVA Web.

Practical to Use

  • Multi-client-capable web client
  • Information flows from databases
  • Includes workflow management and version management
  • Automated data analysis

Application Highlights

  • Supports all VDV and EU data standards (like NeTEx)
  • Supports all commonly used industry formats (GTFS, DINO, Transform, ISA, ATCO)

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