Consistent service alerts messages for Lower Saxony

MENTZ EMS provides Braunschweig and Hanover region with reliant disruption information

The Verkehrsverbund Region Braunschweig (VRB) relies on the single source of truth multi-tenant Event Management System (EMS) from MENTZ for passenger information. There, current traffic news flow reliably and swiftly into the trip planning engines and into passengers’ smartphones.
“The EMS, which is used in Lower Saxony, serves several participants in the vicinity of Braunschweig and the Hanover region with consistent traffic messages. The cooperation with VRB, Großraum Verkehr Hannover (GVH) and their service provider hannIT was excellent from start to finish,” says Isabelle Tschorn, project manager at MENTZ.
A wide variety of disruption scenarios can be prepared in advance. These templates can then be used easily and, above all, quickly.

Publish incident information in seconds with EMS

One mouse click is enough to select the corresponding message. The system has integrated a decision and rule engine to automatically make decisions, for instance which channels to select for customer information. In Lower Saxony, the integration of Twitter is planned for the future.
“I am thrilled how quickly a traffic disruption can be published via the EMS and thus our passengers are informed blisteringly fast. This is an important tool for us to inform our passengers promptly and comprehensively,” says Niels Freese, project manager at VRB and responsible for the introduction of the EMS.
On average, it only takes a few seconds for the automatically created disruption message from the control centre to reach passengers’ mobile phones via the “VRB Fahrinfo & Tickets” app.

Thanks to the MENTZ DDIP data hub, information from the EMS are also disseminated to the transport associations in the Bremen region and vice versa service alerts from Deutsche Bahn are fed into EMS.