MENTZ Apps Put to the Test

Trade magazine CONNECT rates MVV mobility app by MENTZ as ‘very good’

CONNECT magazine recently tested eight mobility apps and our customer MVV (Munich Transport and Tariff Association) came out on top. We extend our congratulations to the whole team! 

The driving force behind the win is our innovative all-in-one mobility app #Gullivr, . “The result of the test shows that we are on the right track as far as our own concepts and development are concerned,” said Managing Director Christoph Mentz.

As part of the app test, CONNECT wanted to know how user-friendly Gullivr actually is: how simple and convenient is it to buy a ticket? Is it easy to plan routes and not lose your way in the app? Does the app offer integrated options like car sharing, rental bikes, and scooters? Gullivr users have a range of options to customize many of the controls to fit their personal preferences. The CONNECT editors’ verdict: if a mobility app is intuitive to use and doesn’t raise a lot of questions, then the programmers and designers have done a great job. “We agree. Our private label solution Gullivr is a real winner,” confirmed Christoph Mentz.

The CONNECT testers praised several practical features, like the CO2 calculator, which provides a great reason for people to switch from taking their car to riding public transport. Gullivr scored a few extra points among testers with inclusion of precise information on delays, road construction, and train cancellations, as well as due to having a fluid, interactive map, and providing real-time information.

Meet Gullivr by MENTZ 

Gulliver at the MVV: